Seneca Polytechnic’s AI Master’s Degree Program

Seneca Polytechnic’s AI Master’s Degree Program


Seneca Polytechnic , a premier college institute in Canada, has distinguished itself through a decade of innovative growth in the post-secondary education sector. This growth has been marked by a bold exploration of new educational frontiers, positioning Seneca as a leader in evolving academic landscapes.


Seneca aspired to become a trailblazer in post-secondary education by introducing a pioneering initiative: the first-ever Master's degree offered by a Canadian college. The focus of this degree was Artificial Intelligence (AI), a rapidly advancing and highly sought-after field. The objective was to develop a two-year Master's program that incorporated an innovative experiential learning approach, along with a cutting-edge curriculum. This ambition was aimed at setting a new benchmark in higher education, aligning with the emerging needs of the AI industry and academic excellence.


The solution unfolded over a year-long collaborative project between our team and Seneca's Academic Quality team. Our role was to provide expert consultation and guidance, facilitating the development of a comprehensive and robust curriculum for the two-year Master's program. Key highlights of our approach included:


In conclusion, the AI-focused Master's program at Seneca Polytechnic represents a significant milestone in post-secondary education in Canada. Through this initiative, Seneca has not only expanded its academic portfolio but also reinforced its position as an innovative leader in the educational sector. This program stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between academia and industry experts, setting a new standard for AI education and experiential learning.