Health Espresso’s In-App AI Assistant

Health Espresso’s In-App AI Assistant

Company Overview

Health Espresso is a healthcare technology company focused on enhancing patient care through a connected and secure communication platform. Their solution is patient-centered, offering real-time patient data access for inter-professional virtual collaboration, aiming to improve health outcomes at the point of care.


As Health Espresso expanded its services to serve elderly patients, they encountered a significant challenge: adapting their digital solutions for users who may not be as technologically adept. This demographic often struggles with navigating complex digital platforms, which can hinder their ability to benefit fully from Health Espresso’s services.cial Intelligence (AI). The goal was to develop a program that would not only align with the current industry demands but also position Durham College as a leader in AI education, thereby attracting a diverse range of students and professionals interested in this burgeoning field.

Solution Development and Implementation

1. Understanding the Demographic:

2. Voice Assistant Integration:

3. Implementation and User Training

Impact and Results

Key Takeaways

This case study of Health Espresso Inc. exemplifies how thoughtful application of AI, specifically in the form of a voice assistant, can overcome significant challenges in healthcare technology adoption, leading to improved patient engagement and health outcomes.