Durham College’s Graduate Program in AI

Durham College’s Graduate Program in AI


Durham College, located in Ontario, Canada, is a distinguished public college with two primary campuses in Oshawa and Whitby. The college is renowned for its comprehensive educational offerings, providing over 145 academic programs to approximately 13,600 full-time students. These programs range from honours bachelor degrees to apprenticeships, covering a broad spectrum of disciplines and professional fields.


In the highly competitive college landscape of Canada, Durham College sought to distinguish itself by introducing an innovative and attractive graduate program in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The goal was to develop a program that would not only align with the current industry demands but also position Durham College as a leader in AI education, thereby attracting a diverse range of students and professionals interested in this burgeoning field.


The creation of the AI graduate program was an extensive project that involved multiple stages:

1. Collaborative Curriculum Development:

We collaborated closely with Durham College’s curriculum development team and subject matter experts. This synergy was critical in ensuring the program’s relevance and rigor.

2. Data Collection and Surveys:

To tailor the program to the needs of the industry and prospective students, we conducted comprehensive surveys and collected relevant data. This step was crucial in understanding the specific requirements and expectations from an AI graduate program.

3. Program Design:

The result was a one-year graduate certificate program in practical AI. The program was meticulously structured to cover a wide range of topics within AI:

4. Program Reception and Success:

Since its launch in 2020, the program has been exceedingly well-received, consistently being oversubscribed. The key factors contributing to its success include:

In summary, Durham College’s graduate program in AI exemplifies a successful integration of industry-relevant curriculum and practical skill development in higher education. It stands as a testament to the college’s commitment to innovation and excellence in AI education, significantly enhancing its reputation and appeal in the competitive landscape of Canadian colleges.